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The Story

           At WomanMade Products, a delightfully diverse gift shop in Seneca Falls, you can buy all sorts of items, such as inspirational T-shirts, witty greeting cards, handcrafted artisan style jewelry, pottery, aromatic soaps and much more! But there's one gift you can't put a price on: the power of connection. "It's interesting to watch a woman come in, she'll see something and all of a sudden she starts to feel good about herself, or becomes inspired in some way." Owner Becky Bly has built a life and a business around supporting and empowering women. It's the central theme of her retail shop, and an essential quality in the products she sells.

          WomanMade Products began as a t-shirt screen-printing company on Long Island, New York in 1976.   After designing and printing my first t-shirt for a friend’s birthday present, other friends encouraged me to create more shirts designed for them.  While creating more designs, it became clear that there was a real need for feminist women-oriented and empowering t-shirt designs, so I started WomanMade Products. 

As I began selling my t-shirts to women’s festivals and conferences, I met other fine craftswomen who were creating women’s art and women’s culture through many other mediums, from pottery to jewelry,  candle making to metal sculpting.  After relocating my business in 1991 to Seneca Falls, NY, I gathered together this fine collection of women’s art and craft under one roof and opened my retail store.

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